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Dedicated Hosting

Mirackle currently offers comprehensive Dedicated Server Hosting solutions for various companies all over the world.

A dedicated server (also called an outsourced server or managed web server) is a server that is leased to a single customer. The server hardware, routing equipment, and network connectivity are monitored and maintained by the service provider while the server software is maintained by the customer. The server is hosted by Mirackle and can be occupied on a monthly or quarterly rental basis. At we allow for faster access to information and provide you with greater flexibility to add advanced databases and e - commerce applications. As you do not share memory, disk space or connection to the router it provides you vital security. Small and medium businessmen must focus their resources on running their business, not managing with web servers. For such businesses to be competitive, they must overcome the high costs of acquiring and maintaining internet infrastructure. To meet these needs Mirackle offers a complete line of dedicated servers for you to outsource this critical part of your business.

Mirackle helps its clients to make their business stronger & grow economically. Also Mirackle offers ideas & suggestions based on years of experience and the results of our collaborative creative/technical process

Windows Dedicated Hosting

Win2k Servers will come pre equipped with IIS, Terminal Services, and basic Operating System installed. Apart from this we can install any custom software that you may need
Linux Dedicated Hosting

Linux Dedicated Hosting

All Linux servers come installed with the latest version of Red Hat Linux, and all applicable upgrades and patches. We also install Apache, MySQL, Tomcat, SendMail / Qmail, Postgres, BIND and any other software you need.

DNS Services

DNS is required to point your domain name to your server IP address in order to allow the web site to be visible from anywhere in the world. We provide Managed DNS Services along with all Dedicated Servers for no additional cost. Installing a DNS server on your servers will bring in extra load and a performance degrades for your existing web site for no additional benefit. For just a couple of DNS records it does not make sense to install an entire DNS server on your machine which is basically optimized to serve web data rather than be a DNS server.
Levels of Support

Apart from providing dedicated server we also provide the managed support to the client and in managed support there are three levels that are involved in any server management activity.

Level 1

This is done closest to the hardware. It requires physical presence at the datacenter. Activities such as installing the machine at the datacenter, configuring the initial remote management utilities, configuring IP addresses, binding IP addresses, configuring networking options, configuring Switches, hubs and routes, Load balancing configurations etc.

Level 2

This involves all tasks related to installation and configuration of software. This could be installing the operating system, Web server, Database, configuring various parameters to optimize performance and initial configuration to get the particular application up and running.

Level 3

This involves all tasks related to using any particular software application. Tasks like adding a virtual host to Apache/IIS, or adding a MySQL/MS SQL database, adding a MIME Type for Specific programming support, troubleshooting particular software etc.

Level 1 Support is free with each Dedicated Server. Level 2 and Level 3 support maybe charged on a case-by-case basis.

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